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Best Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness® TDM-100M (2.0HP) Motorized Treadmill

LCD Display - Time, Speed, Distance, Heart rate, Calories, Program, Multifunction: Massager & sit-up bar.

PowerMax Fitness TD-M1 2HP Motorized Treadmill

LCD Display - Time, Speed, Distance, Heart rate, Calories, Program Speed: 1.0 -14km/hr. Lifetime Frame Warranty. Wheels for Easy Transportation

Fitalo Drive T1 (3.0 HP Peak) DC Motor Motorised Treadmill

LCD Blue Display – Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate Sensors, Speed: 1.0 – 12.0KM/HR. Massager & Twister.



Want to buy a Best treadmill for home use in India that will help you stick to your fitness routine easily? With such a huge selection of machines on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fortunately, our experts have pulled together a list of today’s best treadmills to make your search a little easier.

The selection below is comprised of unusual models from both established and up-and-coming fitness brands. We cover everything you need to know before you buy. This includes the key specifications of each treadmill, from the motor (performance, quality, and speed), to the workout options, warranty, price range and beyond. And if you’re looking for a specific type of treadmill–like the top model for interactive streaming or the most budget-friendly buy–we’ve picked out the top machine in that category to help further streamline your search.

Check out these popular and compact options available in India and pick the one that fits in your budget easily. Scroll down to our Essential Treadmill Features section to learn more about what to look out for when shopping for a new treadmill.

Benefit of using a Treadmill?

Do you wish to exercise by walking/running in the comfort of your own space? Walking and running are ideal ways of getting fit, maintaining your physical fitness level, slimming your figure and improving your cardiovascular capabilities. One of the most popular fitness equipment you can use at home is the treadmill. Walking or running on the treadmill is a great way to get in shape and stay that way through consistent exercise level. A treadmill means that you can train at home no matter the weather and easily make sport a part of your daily routine. It lets you adapt your workout to your goals and takes your fitness into account for increased comfort and effectiveness.

How much should a treadmill cost?
The average price for a new model best treadmill designed for runners is in the 35,000 range. Although used treadmill prices vary, gently-used, high-quality used treadmills are often available for less than 25,000 , a savings of approximately 10000.

Which brand is best for treadmill?

1. PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 Motorized Treadmill – Rs.19,600/-
2. Healthgenie 3911M Motorized Treadmill – Rs.16,499/-
3. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 Motorized Treadmill – Rs.16,999/-
4. PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 Manual Treadmill Home Use & Multifunction – Rs.13,750/-
5. Cockatoo CTM-05 1.5 HP – 2HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill – Rs.17,050/-
6. PowerMax Fitness TD-M1 2HP (4HP Peak) Pre-installed Motorized Steel Treadmill – Rs.26,900/-
7. PowerMax X Marvel MTM-1000M Semi-Auto Lubrication Multifunction Treadmill – Rs.37,000/-
8. Fitkit FT200 series Motorized Treadmill – Rs.35,059/-
9. Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill – Rs.8,499/-
9. UrbanTrek™ TD-N1 Treadmill with App for Android & iOS And Bluetooth Music – Rs.25,600/-

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PowerMax Fitness TD-N1 1.5HP (3HP Peak) Pre-installed Motorized Treadmill
4.5 / 5
Under INR 25,000/-
PowerMax Fitness TD-N1 1.5 HP (3HP Peak) enhances your workout experience with its 1210 X 410mm / 47.6 X 16.1 inches wide running surface. You can Connect Treadmill via Bluetooth with Android & iOS App. It comes 3 LED Display with 3D Smart Touch Keys monitoring Time, Speed, Distance, Heart rate, Calories, Program. The treadmill is very user-friendly for walking, jogging & normal running. No installation required, Plug and run operation. For safety it will be auto stop function. Foldable design for compact storage. Lifetime frame warranty, 1 Year parts warranty and 3 years motor replacement warranty.
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PowerMax Fitness TDA-230 2HP (4HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill
4.3 / 5
Under INR 35,000/-
PowerMax Fitness TDA-230 is Designed for Home Use with Automatic Incline and 1260X420mm / 49.6X16.5 inches Running Surface. It’s come with 5" Bright Blue LCD Display monitor Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Heart Rate, Green Efficient 2.0HP DC Motor. Connect USB Pen-drive/AUX cable to Play Music directly on Hi-Fi console speaker. For user safety treadmill has a built-in auto-stop function. Hydraulic Softdrop System for Easy Folding & Unfolding. No installation required, Plug and run operation. Lifetime frame warranty, 1 Year parts warranty and 3 years motor replacement warranty.
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