5 Best treadmills for Heavyweight users


It is ironic that treadmills are one of the best equipment out there to reduce weight, but very few are suitable for people with heavy weights. Many people who carry a heavy weight hesitate to use a treadmill as they feel that it may not hold their weight. Heavyweight users are the ones who most benefit from a treadmill workout, so the comfort of the users is a top priority of the top treadmill companies.

treadmills for Heavyweight
heavy weight user

The most comfortable treadmill for a heavy-weight user would be the one that has a wide walking area, high HP motor, high max user weight & a strongly built treadmill. Finding the perfect treadmill which checks all these boxes is a huge task. There are countless websites to visit, descriptions to read & opinions to listen to finally get the right treadmill for a heavy person. If you are someone who’s tired of browsing all the treadmills and checking for the right user weight, this article is for you.

This article serves the purpose of giving the 5 Best treadmills for heavy-weight users.

1) PowerMax TDA-595 Multi-function Treadmill

treadmills for Heavyweight

If you are a treadmill shopper then you would have definitely come across PowerMax products. PowerMax TDA-595 is one of the best seller treadmills from PowerMax. This treadmill provides all the best features you can ask for and packs it into one state-of-the art treadmill. The makers of the treadmill: PowerMax provide a solid warranty on motor & lifetime warranty on frame. You also get the best door step service all over India.

TDA-595 is especially best for heavy weight users because it covers the 4 best criteria: Wide walking area, High HP, high max user weight & a strong build. The maximum user weight on this treadmill is 150kgs. It comes with a massive 4 HP DC motor. It has an extra wide walking surface of 1380*560mm. It is made up of heavy gauge steel mainframe. It checks all the boxes and is an absolute delight to users with a heavy weight. Checkout the treadmill here: https://www.powermaxfitness.net/treadmills/maxtrek-series-dc-motorised-treadmills/tda-595-multi-function-treadmill-with-auto-lubrication-185inch-display-pd-54.html

Best Features of the treadmill:

  • Max user weight: 150kgs
  • Walking surface of 1380*560mm
  • 4HP strong DC motor
  • Multi-functional. Can be used for abs exercises too
  • Heavy gauge steel mainframe with lifetime warranty
  • 18.5 inches Full HD TFT display screen
  • Connectivity: Wifi, AUX, USB & inbuilt speaker for music & videos
  • 18.8 km/hr maximum user speed
  • Auto incline upto 15 levels
  • Auto lubrication for easy maintainence
  • 6 point comfortech damping system

2) PowerMax TDA-500 Semi-Auto Lubrication Treadmill

treadmills for Heavyweight

Proving that a Heavy weight treadmill doesn’t have to come at a heavy price, PowerMax TDA-500 comes with an affordable price. All the features of TDA-500 are so on point that buying this treadmill becomes a no brainer option for a treadmill shopper. This is the best treadmill for heavy use & also best for heavy users.

It is spot on with a maximum user weight of 150 kgs. It has a strong build made up of Heavy gauge steel mainframe. It comes with a solid 4 HP DC motor. It has an unbelievable extra wide running surface of 1400*500mm. It not only checks all the right boxes for a heavy user, but also over delivers with its amazing features. Checkout the product here: https://www.powermaxfitness.net/treadmills/maxtrek-series-dc-motorised-treadmills/tda-500-semi-auto-lubrication-treadmill-with-3d-smart-touch-keys-pd-541.html

Best features of the treadmill:

  • Max user weight: 150kgs
  • Extra wide running surface of 1400*500mm
  • 4HP DC motor
  • Auto incline upto 15 levels
  • Maximum speed of 20 km/hr
  • Semi-auto lubrication for easy maintainence
  • Diamond wave running belt & widened Anti-slip side track
  • Red LED Display with 400m Track LED Indicators
  • 360 degrees rotating bottom with Foldable Hydraulic soft drop

3) Durafit Ranger treadmill

treadmills for Heavyweight

Durafit is yet another company which manufactures a wide range of treadmills. Durafit ranger is one their best products. The warranty services provided by durafit also make it a reliable product. This product is best for heavy weight users as it can carry a maximum user weight of 150kgs. It comes with a wide running surface of 1360*550mm which is comfortable for heavy users. It comes with a 3.5 HP DC motor. It also has a strong steel frame for durability. Link for the product: https://www.durafit.in/durafit-ranger

Best Features of the treadmill:

  • Max user weight: 150kgs
  • Maximum speed of 18 km/hr
  • 18 level Auto incline feature
  • 1360*550mm wide running area
  • 3.5HP DC motor
  • Auto lubrication for easy maintainence
  • LCD display
  • Loudspeakers with Aux Cable and USB

4) PowerMax TAC-515 AC motorized treadmill

treadmills for Heavyweight

PowerMax shows up again with the best in class treadmills for home users. This semi-commercial treadmill is probably one of the treadmills which is very close to perfect. It is ideal for heavy weight users & ticks all the right boxes. It has a maximum user weight of 150kgs. It has a 5 HP AC powered motor. An extra wide running surface of 1480*500mm. It also has a strong build & a durable steel frame. Link for the product: https://www.powermaxfitness.net/treadmills/maxtrek-series-ac-motorised-treadmills/tac-515-semi-commercial-ac-motorized-treadmill-with-android-ios-app-pd-514.html

Best features of the treadmill:

  • Max user weight: 150kgs
  • Wide running surface of 1480*500mm
  • 5 HP AC motor
  • Max speed of 18km/hr
  • 18 levels auto incline feature
  • 20.3 cm LCD display with bluetooth connectivity
  • Cooling Fan
  • Double layer running board with shock absorption

5) Fitalo Play T5 Plus

treadmills for Heavyweight

Fitalo is yet another market giant in treadmill manufacturing. It provides treadmills with cool designs & optimum features best suited for home users. Fitalo Play T5 Plus treadmill is a very budget friendly treadmill. It is best for users with moderate to heavy weight & it comes with all the best features. The maximum user weight on the treadmill is 120kgs. It has a 3 HP DC motor. It has a wide running surface of 1240*480mm best suited for users with an average height. It has a strong build & it’s made for heavy use. Checkout the product here: https://www.fitalo.net/products/fitalo-t5-plus-motorised-treadmill-with-voice-broadcast/

Best features of the treadmill:

  • 3HP (6HP) peak DC motor
  • Max user weight of 120kgs
  • Running surface of 1240*480mm
  • Maximum speed of 16km/hr
  • MP3 & USB input voice broadcast
  • Anti-bacterial powder coat finish
  • Foldable & comes with wheels for transportation

This brings us to the end of the list. I hope you enjoyed the products. We tried to cover different products with different price ranges, AC-DC motors & heavy user weights. We hope this article has helped you make a better decision in buying the right product.

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